LAW: Main Characters and Occasional Appearances

Main Characters

Det. Leonard Briscoe

     Seasons: 3-present
     What to watch for:  Sarcastic comments
                         References to Gloria
                         References to being a recovering alcoholic
                         References to ex-wives/marraige/divorce
                         Police pin on lapel
     What I think:  Lennie is cool.  He's a seasoned cop with a sense of humor.  There's
always room for another wise crack.

Det. Phillip Ceretta

     Seasons: 2-3
     What to watch for:  Big furry hat
                         Cheerful disposition
                         Overall pleasant personality
     What I think:  Phil almost always has a smile on his face.  He's simply a nice guy, 
and it shows.

Capt. Donald Cragen

     Seasons:  1-4
     What to watch for:  Use of the word "freaking"
                         Use of the word "bupkes"
                         His ever-present suspenders
                         References to his superiors giving him grief over open cases

     What I think:  Don is a piece of work.  His sarcasm has a lighter quality than Lennie's,
but it's still very amusing. He has a way of being both a friend, and still remain a superior,
to the officers under him.

Det. Reyaldo Curtis

     Seasons: 6-present
     What to watch for:  Using his cell phone/laptop
                         Appearances of his wife/children
                         Emotion? (I haven't seen any yet.)
     What I think:  He's a weak character.  I don't believe he's NYPD because he's too..
relaxed.  Even Lennie, who's usually pretty laid back, has a certain amount of his guard up
at all times.  Either Rey is niave or he is stupid.

Det. Maxwell Greevey

     Season: 1
     What to watch for:  Smoking a cigar
                         Wearing his fedora
                         Treating Mike like a kid (ie inexperienced)
                         Arguing with Mike
     What I think:  I like Max too.  To me, he seems like a father figure for Mike.  Someone
to show him the ropes.  He's a nice guy who's passionate about his work.

Det. Michael Logan

     Seasons:  1-5
     What to watch for:  His trusty brown leather jacket
                         Plaid ties
                         American flag pin on his lapel
                         Playing with the ring on his finger
                         That "head shake" thing he does
                         The famous "Logan's Thumb"
                         Wiping his mouth this his hand
                         Roughing up perps (includes *any* physical contact with suspect)
                         References to girlfriends
                         References to his mother or father.
                         Tousled hair
     What I think:  Ok, you got me.  He's my favorite.  I adore Mike Logan.  He has my temper,
though I don't get quite as violent.  Mikey likes his job and he's good at it.  He's also pretty
damn good-looking with that dark hair, those hazel eyes...I'm getting a little carried away.  
Looking past his appearance, Mike is a dedicated cop who's determined to catch the bad guys.

Lt. Anita VanBuren

     Seasons:  4-present
     What to watch for:  References to her kids
                         Tension between her and Mike
                         Sticking up for those under her command
     What I think:  Anita is ok.  I like Don better, but she's a good replacement.  She is an 
intelligent woman who has overcome great hardships to reach her present position. 

Occasional Appearances

Det Anthony Profaci

     Seasons:  1-present
     What to watch for:  Delivering crucial evidence
                         Being in the presence of food (eating, buying, delivering, whatever)
                         Wearing sweater vests
                         Tailing suspects
                         His shoulder holster
                         References to Shirley
     What I think:  Profaci is Da Man.  I absolutely love this guy!  He's cute in that teddy 
bear-ish way.  I just want to bring him home and cuddle him!

ME Rogers

     Seasons:  1-present (I think)
     What to watch for:  Matching bullets to guns
                         Use of cliches
                         Flirting with Mike
     What I think.  Rogers is a definite plus.  She's smart 'n sassy.  She knows what she's 
doing, she's efficient, and she still has time to hit on Logan...what a woman!