The Mike Logan/Fox Mulder Conspiracy

I started noticing similarities between my two favorite law enforcers a while ago. Only recently did I begin to write them down. To be honest, some of these things could apply to half of the characters on TV. But some of them are simply too unusual to ignore. Coincidences? I think not.

Both have badges
Both carry guns 
Both wear suits to work
Both wear long coats
Both have their own desk and name plate
Both have a partner
Both are very protective of their partners
Both are single (I mean not married)
Both voice their opinions openly
Both wear short black leather jackets off duty
Both chew gum occasionally
Both *enjoy* women (Logan - 1,001 girlfriends, Mulder - pornography)
*****Have the same number of letters in their titles and names*****
(Detective Michael Logan; Special Agent Fox Mulder)
Both 21 letters long!

Conspiracy?  I think so...