Order: Main Characters and Occasional Appearances

Main Characters

ADA Claire Kincaid

     Seasons:  4-6
     What to watch for:  Tucking her hair behind her ear
                         That skeptical look of hers
                         Eating Chinese food
                         Her "biker chick" jacket
                         Saving her boss's (either BS or JM) ass when a judge is about to 
                              fry him
     What I think:  Claire is the youngest and most inexperienced of the ADA's.  She makes 
mistakes on the way up, but learns from them.  She works well with both Ben and Jack.  She's
the kind of "older sister" figure I never had.

EADA John J. McCoy

     Seasons: 5-present
     What to watch for:  His hair - no comb can tame it
                         Drinking scotch
                         Wearing tight jeans
                         His motorcycle helmet
                         References to his father
     What I think:  Jack rocks.  He understands that the law is neither black or white, but 
many shades of gray.  He walks the line, and gets a little close to crossing it sometimes, 
but he always ends up on the right side.  My knight in tight jeans.

ADA Paul Robinette

     Seasons: 1-3
     What to watch for:  Light punches of encouragement
                         Perplexed look
     What I think:  Paul can be a little too serious sometimes, but he's a great second to Ben.
He works hard, and gets the job done.

ADA Jamie Ross

     Seasons:  7-present
     What to watch for:  References to her daughter
                         References to David
                         Yelling without raising her voice
     What I think:  I don't like her.  She does have a lot of experience and is an excellent 
ADA.  My problem - she whines.  She makes valid points, but she whines.

DA Adam Schiff

     Seasons:  1-present
     What to watch for:  Complaints
                         Eating in his office
                         Sarcastic remarks
                         Meeting with a "friend" who's in trouble with the law
     What I think:  Adam cracks me up.  He's always grumpy, kind of like Oscar the Grouch.  It's 
great the way he can be totally serious and say things like, "What have you been sprinkling on  
your breakfast cereal?"

EADA Benjamin Stone

     Seasons:  1-4
     What to watch for:  More suspenders
                         Those crooked reading glasses
                         Use of the word "sir"
                         Those big blue eyes
                         Wearing gray sweaters
     What I think:  Ben can be overzealous sometimes, but I can forgive him on account of the
fact that he's trying to put the bad guys behind bars. 

Occasional Appearances

Shambala Green

     Seasons:  1-5
     What to watch for:  Ultra cool outfits
                         Original defense tactics
                         Defending clients with vigor
     What I think:  She's obnoxious and annoying.  She's also one hell of a lawyer.
If I was in trouble, she's the gal I'd get on the phone pronto.

Psychologist/Psychiatrist Elisabeth Olivett

     Seasons:  1-6
     What to watch for:  Her calm demeanor
                         Her ability to deal with both the police and the ADA's
     What I think:  She's a very calming influence.  She doesn't ever really get 
excited.  It is her greatest strength and her greatest weakness.  Show us some of 
your feelings, girl!