FBI Agents

Special Agent Alex Krychek

     Seasons:  2-present
     What to watch for:  Innocent look on his face
                         References to his nickname (Ratboy)
                         Not quite knowing what side he's on
     What I think:  This guy lies to everyone, all the time.  Good guys bad guys,
he's not on anyone's side but his own.  He does what he can for himself, and if in 
the process, he helps one side or another, fine with him.  A slime ball in every 
sense of the word.

Special Agent Fox Mulder

     Seasons:  1-present
     What to watch for:  Wearing glasses
                         References to his nickname (Spooky)
                         References to his sister
                         Munching on sunflower seeds
                         The infamous red speedo
     What I think:  He stands behind his beliefs no matter what.  He defends his 
partner, and best friend, with the vigor of a devoted husband.  And he has one 
increadible voice.  Who could ask for anything more?

Special Agent Dana Scully

     Seasons:  1-present
     What to watch for:  Autopsies
                         Her neaklace (gold cross on gold chain)
                         Lectures that begin, "Mulder..."
                         Skeptical attitude
     What I think:  Scully is super smart, a very good doctor.  A first rate friend
and partner.  Her skepticism is a wee bit annoying, though, and sometimes I just wanna
smack her.

Assistant Director Walter Skinner

     Seasons:  1-present
     What to watch for:  Standing up for Mulder and Scully
                         The "Thank you for not smoking" sign on his desk
     What I think:  I swear, he looks just like my high school sociology teacher. Skinner
is usually stern with Mulder and Scully to their faces, but in front of his superiors, he
always defends their actions.  Even though his intentions were questionable in a few eps,
it's always revealed that he's a good guy in the end. I'll never doubt him again.

Families (Guest apperances)

The Mulder Family

William Mulder

     What to watch for:  Flashbacks pertaining to his relationship with the
                                Cigatette Smoking Man
                         Flashbacks to the separation from his wife
     What I think:  I'm confused about his involvement in the kidnapping of his
daughter.  Other than that, I have nothing to say.

Mrs. Mulder

     What to watch for:  Calling her son Fox
                         Trying not to fall apart no matter what tragedy occurs
     What I think:  Truly a loving mother.  She seems like a pretty nice lady.  
I'm neutral towards her.

Samantha Mulder

     What to watch for:  Hair in braids
                         Abduction flashbacks
     What I think:  Poor dear.  Will we ever discover her fate?  I've seen too many
possible Samanthas to believe any new scenerios.  Even if one IS the truth, I'll never
accept it.  Too many lies, too much deceit.


Scully Family

Mrs. Scully

     What to watch for:  Her emotional strength
                         Undying support for her children
     What I think:  She's ok.  Usually a voice of reason.

William Scully

     What to watch for:  Concern for Dana
                         Contempt for Mulder
     What I think:  I wish Mulder would kick his ass.  He seems jealous of Mulder, who is 
closer to Dana than he is.  When Dana decides to go to work despite her cancer, Bill blames
Mulder.  Doesn't he realize that she can think for herself?  He means well, but he's still a

Miscellaneous Characters

Cigarette Smoking Man (aka Cancer Man aka El Fumador)

     Seasons - 1-present
     What to watch for:  Smoking (duh)
                         Meeting with mysterious, powerful men
                         Cool demeanor
                         Watching over Mulder and Scully
     What I think:  True, pure evil.  That's it.  Every show needs a villian,
and he's the darkest with a dark soul and a quick mind.  The ultimite bad guy.

The Lone Gunmen

 Seasons:  1-present

     What to watch for:  Wearing suits
                         Nervousness about breaking the law
                         Information system expertese

     What to watch for:  His rumpled, mismatching, but very cool, outfits
                         Flirting with Scully
                         Photographic/special operations wizardry


     What to watch for:  His long, stringy blonde locks
                         Signatur t-shirt and jeans
                         Communications talents

 What I think:  These guys are always a special treat.  They're so cute!  Like
the "Three Amigos."  I wouldn't mind hanging around with these three studs.  
They're always there to help Mulder and Scully, as well as getting into some 
trouble on their own.  From breaking into government facilities to hacking into
classified files, these guys know their stuff.  They even have their own 
theories on conspiracies...starting with the "Bible in every hotel room" theory...