"In Logan we lust..."

Nothville National Anthem

Plaid and leather, perfect together,
Whatever the day, whatever the weather.
Handcuffs and gun,
We know he's the one
To call - he'll make everything better.

His tie is loose, his sleeves are rolled up,
Drinking his coffee, from an old cardboard cup.
Roughing up perps,
Checking out "skirts"
And working - he'll never give up!

Those hazel eyes, that silky black hair,
Can drive women wild, with a simple black stare.
Seductive smile, 
And snickering while
He talks - stealing hearts everywhere.

LoganLusters, NothSisters unite,
To honor these man, our handsome brave knights.
Chris Noth or Mike,
Whoever you like,
Or both - every choice is right!

Members of Nothville (in the order in which they moved in)

Loganette: The Plaid Princess, and founder, of Nothville. Works at "Ye Olde Leather Shop" under the alias Lordess of Leather. Also known as BagelGirl, faithful follower of one Tony Profaci...

MikesMaddie: The Mad Lady of Nothville, she resides in the Palace of Plaid.

Logansgal: Plaid Jester of Nothville. (Yes, she has a jester's cap.) Also Queen O' the Bagel Brood and founder of Bageltown.

Joystar: Librarian and archivist. Also Keeper of the Flame and maintanence person of the annex containing the Altar to the Great God Noth (in the Temple of the Great Orb).

Blueline: Evil Villian of Nothville and Sheriff of McCoy County.

MikesLady: She sacrificed a plaid scarf to me.

LoveLO: Town Crier.

Aubrey: Head of the Leather Coat Guard.

Lennie'sLady: High Priestess, Temple of the Great Orb.

LadyLogan: Lady Logan-in-Waiting.

Jenna77 - Founder of McCoy County. The Little Puff Mommy of McCoy County.

AZonie: Herald. She found the perfect site - For more about the Logan family background go here: http//:members.aol.com/logansline/roots.html

McBriscoe: President of our flagship university, the University of Nothville. Expanding the minds of future HOSers, Toys, Orbachians, Bratt Packers, and of course, LoganLusters...

BlacKatt: Queen of the 100 Acre Wood.

Olivia: Loyal chef of the Nothkitchen. Her specialties include: aphordisiac meals, nectar, and ambrosia...

PrimeB: Guardian of the Noth Family Jewels/Keeper of the Treasury.

AnabelLee: Chaimber Maid to PlaidPrince; Alchemist and Enchantress of Nothville.

Jackmaniac: Dutchess of Stonehurst, also founder.

TartanTamer: Weaving Guild's Guildmistress, devoted to producing the Logan tartan.

Lady Cris Noth: The Countess of Noth

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